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Celebs Rock Red Hairs For Valentines Day (Photos).

Celebs Rock Red Hairs For Valentines Day (Photos).

Celebs Rock Red Hairs For Valentines Day (Photos).

Celebs Rock Red Hairs For Valentines Day (Photos).

As today marks Valentine’s Day, we thought we would share some of our favorite celebs putting us all in the mood of love as they rocked the red-hair trend in light of the then looming day of love.  The stars that rocked the red hair trend looks included some of our most stylish or just controversial stars in the country. Take a look at all the leading female celebs embracing Valentine’s Day with their choice in her colour below:

Then again, what would a style list be in South Ah if it does not include Queen B*. The House of BNG creator is currently in Cape Town as she begins to shake off her vacay-tan and starts to put on her businesswoman-and-IT-girl tan ready. This is as Bonang returns to social media and begins to share more of her self with her fans again. Case in point, her long red-wigged look she posted. The caption to the post celebrated the Cape Town breeze the blew the strays of her hair during her photoshoot.

Khanyi Mbau

When a girl is in love, she not only exudes it, but wears it as her crown. While Khanyi led the Mbau-Dambuza-Valentine’s-Day-with-significant-others-train, she did so wearing her curly, short bob red wig. The star has clearly fallen in love with the wig and the color as most of her recent posts showcase the wig and how she has managed to tie it into her nude clothing aesthetic. Moreover, “fugitive” bae seems to love it to as she sports the hair even when it is just the two of them.

Mihlali Ndamase

While we might not be able to determine, Mihlali Ndamase’s relationship status, one thing we know for sure is that she has fully embraced the season of love.  For the past few weeks, Mihlali has been serving looks with a shoulder length, red wig. The wig was such a win for the popular YouTuber content creator, that she let it be known Twitter that she has been receiving compliments on the wig, even from her friends.

Despite the compliment, that did not stop the star formerly referred to as Tsi to change up the look; but still embracing red as her theme. The good sis took the phrase of painting the two red literally, as she rocked a sleek, red wig during her night out with friend and possibly her unidentified bae this Saturday.

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