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Rouge addresses her issue with Nadia Nakai.

Rouge addresses her issue with Nadia Nakai.
Rouge and Nadia Nakai. Picture: Instagram

Rouge addresses her issue with Nadia Nakai.

In the music industry, it’s easy to assume that some artists have beef with each other. It’s easy because many times, they do.

Just look at AKA and Cassper Nyovest or Nasty C and DJ Speedsta. And of course, Prince Kaybee and the entire music industry.

However, one beef that fans have assumed is real has been shut down, again.

Award-winning rapper Rouge has had to shut down assumptions that she and fellow rapper Nadia Nakai have been beefing yet again.

In a recent interview on “Podcast and Chill With MacG”, Rouge found herself having to set the record straight when she was asked if she’s beefing with Nadia because the pair haven’t got around to making music together.

“Honestly speaking, there is no beef. There is no problem between Nadia and I. It gets really frustrating, the fact that people are trying to create beef. It’s very very annoying,” Rouge said.

The “Dololo” hitmaker said people were always looking to create drama and imagine a beef that doesn’t exist or push female rappers to beef because they can’t stand to see them excel in a male-dominated game.

“I think people are just doing that because I’m here killing what I’m killing and Nadia is there killing what she’s doing.”

She went on to say that she wants people to stop with the claims and focus on how amazing both she and Nadia are.

“It’s also okay that we (are) not friends. I’ve known Nadia for a while and it’s just that life pushed us in different directions. We have different circles and our different spaces. Not to say that when we do see each other, it’s not a thing if we don’t greet each other or such things. When I see her, I say ‘hi’ and she greets back.”

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