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“I’m perfectly Fine and Healthy” Zola 7 admits after a long break


“I’m perfectly Fine and Healthy” Zola 7 admits after a long break From the music scene.


South African legend Zola 7 clears the air after stepping away from the music scene. It was rumored that hitmaker is now his former self.

South African music maker, Zola 7 has come forth to debunk the rumors that he’s sick and struggling with life.


He’s been off the limelight for a while after it was reported that he survived a car accident. Only lately, the rapper’s friends visited him in home after it resurfaced on social media that he’s seriously ill.

But then, some news filtered online that he was ill and needed help. This news was tweeted by a “concerned” fan named Kamo Marven who broadcasted it.

“Zola 7 is not okay, apparently he has epilepsy and he is a also struggling. If you can reach out to help to lend a helping hand please do ?? I know we as South Africans love and appreciate Zola 7, we will do anything to help him”.

According to Daily Sun, the colleagues who visited found him hale and hearty and he was cheerful. Zola revealed to his friends that he is not down and out, but working on something silently.

“This is not my fight alone. We need thousands of Zola7s so we can help a lot of people at once. We must work together to try and change communities.” Zola responded after his friends urged him to continue being the good person he was.

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